No mediation cost, no intermediary, negotiation direct between the owners and the buyers.

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Divine Italia

The sale of your property with us, without intermediary costs

We guarantee the maximum and absolute global visibility for your property

We are continually looking for prestigious properties for our International clients. We can guarantee for you the largest global visibility with us as a point of reference in the market, and with the maximum presence in every virtual image and in print, where requests and offers can be found.

We are capable of guaranteeing and certifying
the maximum visibility and international publication of your property
through a service that we will carefully illustrated to you.

We put at the disposal of the seller a complete package of professional services that in the end will lead to the property being sold in the shortest possible time and with the maximum profitability possible. The solutions are personalized and in accordance with each individual case, our experts will apply the most appropriate methods.

To see a prestigious property with us:   there is zero cost for mediation, zero intermediaries, maximum global presence guaranteed, a client portfolio which is in constant expansion, guarantee of success and of the best sale price.

We can tell you what they want: but no one is better than us in looking after your interests.

One of our consultants will be at your complete disposal to programme with you an appointment directly at your property where there will be illustrated, in detail, the possibilities on offer, keeping in mind your requirements, your privacy and your respect.

A communication and publicity package will be realized on an international scale, made to measure for your property which will show off its special features, and above all render your property visible at the centre of a large global market.

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Divine Italia Luxury & Finest Properties, is the .com that is considered the leader in the international market for the commercialization of luxury and prestigious properties in Italy.   We have an operative model capable of reaching the best qualified international clientele interested in acquiring important properties, whether residential or touristic, or whether in the form of investment:   we are in fact  able to arrange, through our special business contact unit,  the best investment and private  funds, by proposing in specific ways your property to them. Therefore we are in a position to reach whatever kind of international client:  from the passionate who buys in Italy to enjoy the unique characteristic of this country and we are in the position to offer, private or institutional investment funds.

In  a highly volatile market,  it is fundamental to make the property visible  to those who desire to sell,  at the highest International and global level, without interrupting any channels of communication, but at the same time it is essential that your property is always (and underlining always), present in the very first places of research in every sphere of the web and in the windows of the international sector where the requests and offers are to be  found, such as in the best qualified magazines of the sector.  Here is our strength. Your property will always be maintained at the maximum level of planetary visibility in the market, and will be presented in the best and most direct way possible.

Putting us in the arena for the sale of your real estate and  studying the specific devices essential for the maximum possibility of development to convey and reach the clients for your property and where you can check at any moment how and where your property is being presented.

Through a careful and futuristic operative model we know how to reach with certainty those who today represent these essential parameters:   we offer you our knowledge of how to obtain the maximum price obtainable in the market. Not an estimate, but a certain objective which comes from the market itself.

Contact us with confidence; we are in a position to explain to you with regards to the market.

Another element that distinguishes and inspires our professional model is the understanding that the system based on the traditional intermediation is exhausted, inefficient and has become obsolete.  We believe that no one can in fact, be better than the owner of the real estate in maintaining their interest, but we also believe that if someone can give to the owner a guarantee to reach the clients interested in buying, in a more efficient, profession and punctual way than exists:  this is really what we do, this is our task, this is the thing which we are and we want to be the best.

The buyer will have direct rapport with the seller and interface directly with him/her and only him/her: they will both be free to go ahead with the negotiations; they will be the persons to agree on the right price.  There will be no middleman. This is the highest form of transparency; this is the best guarantee of honesty.

Thus the seller does not pay any mediation costs, as there won’t be any mediation cost to the buyer.

You can easily understand how this is a winning and system and certainly how it can give, in the end, both a guarantee of success, and transparency.

Entrust to us, with confidence, your real estate, we really know how to propose where, how and who, has the intention to buy it.

Ten years of experience has given us the knowledge of results and an understanding of what to offer you.

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